Is the citrus cold cloth really easy to use?

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In recent years, meteorological disasters are uncontrollable. In 2017, frosts landed in advance, and many citrus fruit farmers did not take timely anti-freezing measures. The citrus was seriously attacked by natural disasters, causing heavy losses for fruit farmers. Even some fruit farmers are out of production.

So in recent years, many fruit farmers have not been frozen to protect citrus, and they have put on a protective coat for citrus-----cold cloth

1. Dengfeng Huinong Cold cloth benefits:

Anti-cold: can prevent frost in low temperature environment, when the outdoor temperature is 0 degrees, cover the cold cloth can raise the temperature by about 5 degrees, effectively avoid the temperature is too low, the frozen fruit tree is autumn At the same time, it does not affect the normal flower bud differentiation of citrus in the coming year and promote the normal growth of the fruit.

2. Dengfeng Huinong cold cloth benefits 2:

Breathable: can avoid burning fruit in high temperature environment, when the outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees, cover the plastic film temperature It can reach about 35 degrees, and the temperature of the cold-proof cloth covering the gas permeability is only about 25 degrees, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of high-temperature burning, and also reduces the shrinkage rate of the fruit and realizes the vision of increasing farmers' income.

3. Dengfeng Huinong cold cloth benefits three:

Promoting coloring: suitable temperature, creating a good growth environment for the fruit, promoting the citrus color bright, good selling.

4. Dengfeng Huinong cold cloth benefits four:

Save cost: Cover Dengfeng Huinong cold cloth does not need to set up a scaffold, saving labor and cost when covering.

Dengfeng Huinong focuses on the development and production of cold-proof cloth. The benefits of cold-proof and anti-freezing in the citrus field have been highly recognized by many farmers.

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