The five benefits of using orchard linen


Farmland weeds have been one of the important factors that have plagued agricultural development and hindered crop yields since the day humans began farming on the ground. Orchard weeding has become one of the important steps in our planting process. What are the benefits of using grass cloth in orchards?

First, which kind of grass cloth should be better for the orchard?

At present, for the growth characteristics and regional environment of crops, the manufacturers of anti-grass fabrics have also made corresponding research and development and production. Dengfeng Huinong  has introduced three new color anti-grass: black Anti-grass cloth, green black grass cloth, white black grass cloth.

Everyone knows that black grass cloth is market versatile, with anti-grass, weeding, heat preservation and other effects, suitable for all crops, but for some newly planted seedlings due to high temperature during high temperature in summer It is prone to rooting, so Dongguan Dengfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has solved the problem, and introduced a green and black double-sided color anti-grass cloth. In addition to the black grass-proof cloth for weeding and moisturizing, the green surface is also It can play a role in cooling, supplementing crop photosynthesis and supplementing chlorophyll, making crops stronger.

Tengfeng Huinong  white-black anti-grass cloth is aimed at crops that have been filled with light, such as apples, dragon fruit, citrus, etc., when the sun shines on the fruit trees during the day. Due to the occlusion of the canopy, the fruit is unevenly illuminated, and there is a yin and yang surface. The use of Dengfeng Huinong  white black grass cloth has the function of diffuse reflection, which can supplement the light of the fruit, enhance the color of the fruit and increase the sweetness of the fruit.

Second, what are the five advantages of using anti-grass in the orchard?

Benefit 1: Anti-grass and weeding function: Dengfeng Huinong  anti-grass design black surface to inhibit the photosynthesis of weeds, thus inhibiting the growth of weeds, achieving the effect of weeding and grass protection, Saves on weeding labor.

Benefit 2: Moisture hydrating function: Dengfeng Huinong  anti-grass cloth has water-permeable function. Rainwater and liquid fertilizer can naturally penetrate into the soil to prevent soil salinization. It can be used in combination with drip irrigation. On the membrane, easy to operate, at the same time, the speciality of the material of the anti-grass cloth, prolong the moisturizing period of the soil, make the crop grow normally, and reduce the cracking rate of the mature fruit in the dry period.

Benefit 3: Breathable and fat-retaining function: Dengfeng Huinong  anti-grass cloth has breathability, which makes the soil breathable, improves the agglomerate structure of the soil, increases the growth of microorganisms and alfalfa, and promotes the looseness of the soil. It can increase the absorption rate of fertilizers by crops, save the use rate of fertilizers, and promote the growth of crops.

Benefit 4: Reduce the function of pests and diseases: Covering the anti-grass cloth can prevent the eggs from overwintering in winter, thus reducing pests and diseases.

Benefit 5: Environmentally-friendly and degradable function: Dengfeng Huinong  anti-grass cloth is made of 100% environmentally-friendly raw material polymerized polymer material, which is environmentally friendly and degradable. It has no pollution to the soil after degradation and saves recycling costs.