Technical exchange meeting of late-ripening citrus varieties for agricultural film manufacturers in 2019


On April 11, 2019, Dongguan Dengfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. participated in a 2019 Renshou Citrus held in Renshou County. Variety Summit Forum, the forum will come from more than 300 citrus growers from inside and outside the county to gather together, and the technical exhibition of late-ripening citrus varieties for agricultural film manufacturers.

This forum will focus on late-ripening citrus varieties that mature after January. Due to the long growth period, the fruit quality is superior. And the maturity period is the value of the market consumption peak and the fresh fruit gap period, the market competitiveness is strong and other advantages to share and exchange experts and technology.

More than 300 people gathered together for a full house

At the forum, Jiang Dong, a researcher and master tutor of the Citrus Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, shared the key points of modern cultivation techniques for late-maturing citrus. The development of advantages, types, development of major areas and other topics, and the status of China's citrus market, the problems faced by the citrus industry, the development of new agricultural scale, etc. were analyzed. Relevant responsible persons of County Fruit Tree Station, County Huarui Company, County Orange Group, Dongguan Dengfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Wanshengda Company exchanged new technologies for citrus planting management.

The main areas of late-maturing citrus development:

1. The main limiting factor for the development of late-maturing citrus is winter temperature, no frost in winter, and the lowest temperature can not be lower than 0 °C, there is a short- In the area of 3 °C, the necessary antifreeze measures should be taken.

2. The long-term cultivation history has formed the late-maturing mandarin oranges in Meishan, Danling and other places in Sichuan, and the late-season navel oranges in the late-maturing Maogu, Wo-Hua, Hubei Zigui and other places in Guangxi Nanning, Chongqing Kaixian Spring orange, Wanzhou rose citrus and so on.

3. Late-ripening citrus can also be properly developed by using facilities in the northern subtropical areas.

Precautions in the cultivation of late-maturing citrus:

a. Precautions in the cultivation of late-ripening citrus: Choose suitable areas for planting, and avoid the development of late-ripening citrus in areas where frost often occurs after December.

b. Choose a suitable microclimate environment to develop late-ripening citrus. Planting late-maturing citrus in areas where temperature rises slowly before the Qingming in the spring is conducive to hanging trees.

c. Strengthen the construction of orchard facilities and increase the construction of windbreaks and windbreaks in orchards.