Tourist horticultural cloth manufacturers should pay attention to what should be noticed before and after the granulated orange cover film


The horticultural anti-grass fabric manufacturers should pay attention to what should be paid before and after the granulated orange cover film. It is well known that the effects of low temperature and frost on sugar orange: low temperature and frost "double strike" are extremely unfavorable for the growth of sand pond orange. It is necessary to take effective measures against cold and frost in advance. According to the planting experience of fruit farmers for many years, sand sugar orange It is especially sensitive to low temperature frost. It is easy to induce disease, cracked fruit, fruit drop, capsule, mold, etc. after freezing. It needs to be kept warm in time to avoid " Injury. "

How to prevent frost and antifreeze: In order to prevent the ripened sugar orange from being frozen and causing cracked fruit and fruit, the farmers are full of tricks. The most common is to put a cold cloth on the sand candy as "winter clothes". "Warm, not only ensure that they escape the frost, but also extend the picking period, and the healthy listing sells high prices.

How to choose the cold film?

Advantages of nylon membrane: 1. Waterproof, keep warm, prevent frost 2. Durable: Standard can be used for more than three years.

Disadvantages of nylon membrane: 1. Non-breathable, easy to cause high temperature burning fruit. 2. It needs to be used with the shelf, and the cost is high.

Advantages of Dengfeng Huinong cold cloth: waterproof: keep cold, anti-frost, anti-freeze; breathable: adjust the temperature inside the membrane, reduce shrinkage; promote flower bud differentiation, promote coloration; avoid scaffolding, save time and labor .

Disadvantages of Dengfeng Huinong cold cloth: 1. One-time input cost is high.

Preparation before Dengfeng HuinongTM cold-proof cloth cover: anti-insect treatment before cover film => Spray: 3-4 days before cover film, comprehensive prevention of pests and diseases, the main role is prevention and control Diseases of fruits (such as soot, anthracnose, maculopathy, ulcer disease, etc.) and insect pests (mainly red spiders);

Covering time: sand sugar is best in late November And cover film during the first ten days of December (different areas, different coverage time)

Cover film method

1. Single row of whole cover: cover the film directly on the canopy along the row The two sides are fixed by rope on the trunk of another row or fixed on the pile.

2. Single plant coverage: for planting more dispersed fruit trees.

Management Measures for Storage of Dengfeng HuinongTM Covered with Cold Cloth

Recycling: Untie the rope fixed on the trunk, and the two men will pick up the cold in the single row of trees. Next to the tree, fold it up and store it.

Recycling conditions: sunny, ensure the dryness of the cold cloth.

Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry place.

【Dengfeng Huinong Cold Cloth】Using Sinopec Environmental Protection Material: Dengfeng HuinongTM Cold-proof cloth is used for citrus winter frost and cold protection of granulated orange, worcberry, etc., using 100% Sinopec environmental protection materials, Quality assurance, the farmers use the rest assured.

【Dengfeng Huinong Cold Cloth】Five-layer material, two-layer waterproof, double-line splicing: Dengfeng HuinongTM cold-proof cloth is made of five-layer structure, two of which are waterproof, anti-frost and antifreeze. Double line stitching for more durability.

【Dengfeng Huinong Cold Cloth】Packing, Specification: Specification: 4m*150m/4.8m*125m/6m*100m/7.2m*100m Packing: Waterproof plastic packaging