Which garden plastic film manufacturers share the role of grass cloth

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Garden plastic film manufacturers share the role of anti-grass cloth, interested friends to look at: First, anti- The grass cloth can avoid weeds on the ground to prevent direct sunlight from shining on the ground, and together with its own strong structure to prevent weeds from passing through the grass cloth, thus ensuring the inhibition of weed growth by the grass cloth.

Second, soaking in rainwater, promoting the absorption of moisture by fruit trees. The water-permeable performance of the grass-proof cloth is outstanding. The stone layer and the middle sand layer under the grass-proof cloth can effectively inhibit the penetration of soil particles, thus ensuring the surface of the ground. The cleanliness of the soil maintains the sensation of the soil.

Third, to promote the growth of the roots of fruit trees, to avoid the production principle of fruit tree rotten roots and anti-grass products is a warp and weft braided structure, which ensures that the roots of the crops are permeable to water and the air in the roots has a certain fluidity. To avoid the decay of the roots of the fruit trees.

IV. Avoid breeding of pests and diseases. The anti-grass cloth is made of polypropylene flat yarn or polyethylene flat yarn. The raw materials are corrosion-resistant and insect-resistant. The product is placed on the ground to prevent the insects from being laid. The breeding activities of the rats reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases in the orchard.

V. Reducing the cost of weeding, the normal life of the anti-grass orchard is 2-3 years, about 240 yuan per mu, about 3 years, no weeds, good raw materials, anti-grass orchard, normal The service life is 3-5 years, and the investment of 320 yuan per mu can ensure that the orchard does not produce weeds for 5 years, which greatly saves manpower costs. Sixth, the anti-grass cloth is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, has good anti-aging properties, and the raw materials can be degraded without worrying about the later effects.