How to fix the environmentally-friendly degradable film manufacturers after sharing the anti-grass cloth


From the literal meaning of the grass cloth, it is used to prevent weed growth The tarpaulin is generally used in agricultural production because the growth rate of agricultural materials is relatively fast, especially weeds, which grow very fast, and the weed life is very tenacious. Once weeds grow, it will affect crops. Growing, and using a grass cloth can completely solve this problem, and environmentally friendly degradable film manufacturers share how to repair the grass cloth after damage.

Before using the grass cloth, the user needs to carefully check it to see if there is any damage. If it is found to be damaged, immediately use the following method to repair it.

1. If there is any damage, use geotextile to mark it on it, and make repairs. Users should regularly check and repair the anti-grass cloth they use.

2. If the day is used up, find the damaged place, mark it immediately, and then lay it on the ground, make sure that other sharp objects on the surface are not damaged, and then repair it, if the damage is big It is more difficult to repair it. At this time, professional personnel need to be repaired.

3. The anti-grass cloth manufacturer can repair the damaged place by laying and thermally connecting the geotextile. When repairing, ensure the geotechnical work. The cloth and the grass cloth are tightly combined, and they must be strictly controlled during the repair.

The long-term use of the grass cloth will inevitably lead to damage. As long as the user masters the above repair methods, it can be easily Solved.