Dongguan reflective film manufacturers share the water permeability of the grass cloth


A lot of people have seen it, but many people don’t know what name the black cloth is called. The Dongguan glazing film manufacturer shares the water permeability of the grass cloth. It is also called horticultural floor cloth. It is woven from the environmentally friendly raw material polymerized functional material with increased UV resistance. It is important to know that many gardening plants cultivated on the ground are prone to weeds, so weeds will strengthen the labor of the gardeners, so they will choose to use grass cloth. This black fabric can be useful to prevent weeds on the ground, and to assist in removing water from the ground in time to ensure that the plants are not drowned. In addition, it is also beneficial to prevent the decay of plant roots, to better control the amount of plant growth and to ensure quality.

Use the excellent breathability and water permeability of the grass cloth to allow water to flow through, keeping the soil moist and loose. The grass-proof cloth has an isolation function, which can hinder the growth of weeds in the surface of the soil, has a high puncture resistance coefficient, and can block weed growth by 100%. Use grass-proof cloth to enhance the anti-deformation ability of the greenhouse, orchard, vegetable plots and other places, and enhance the stability of the soil structure to improve the quality of the soil and facilitate the work of farmers. It is useful to collect stress, disperse, transfer or differentiate to prevent the orchard or greenhouse soil from being damaged by external forces. Isolation of the base layer of sand and soil, the soil is used to isolate other debris into the cultivated soil, and adhere to the organic nature of the cultivated soil. The mesh woven by the grass-proof cloth is not easily blocked - the mesh structure formed by the amorphous flat yarn structure is strainy and sporty, and can pass irrigation water or rain water. High water permeability - still maintains excellent water permeability under the pressure of soil water.

The advantage of grass cloth is that it can be used to grow various weeds and has excellent water permeability. And breathability, so that some of our economic plants and the air of the roots of some cash crops, and the grass cloth also has a certain fluidity to prevent soil compaction leading to poor growth of crop roots, preventing plant root decay and surface distribution on the ground. The effects and functions that lead to conditions such as pests and diseases. The next step is to reduce the amount of pesticides used to prevent environmental pollution and to prevent the proliferation of insects, the emergence and growth of pests that overwinter in the soil, and the damage of small animals to plants, reduce their economic losses, and allow the temperature of soil surface to persist. In the best condition, adhering to the humidity of the soil creates very good conditions for soil microbial activity, and then the grass cloth can accelerate the differentiation of the organic matter of the soil and increase the content of the soil.