Imperial membrane manufacturers to analyze how to choose high quality grass cloth


When we choose the grass cloth, we usually choose high quality products, so high. What is the quality of the grass cloth? Look at the anti-seepage film manufacturers to analyze how to choose high-quality anti-grass cloth, we all know that anti-grass cloth is used for agricultural and horticultural weeding, it can absorb sunlight to reduce light cooperation to block the production of weeds, and can promise water Soaking in the boring season can adhere to the proper moisture of the soil to reduce the transpiration of water, and control the activities of moisture and air.

The grass-proof cloth is an outstanding water-conducting material. Adding the stability of the structure to improve the soil quality is the expression of its reinforcement. In addition, it can effectively disperse, transfer or differentiate stress, avoid soil damage caused by external forces, and maintain soil.

Secondly, the grass-proof cloth cuts the use of chemicals such as herbicides and then maintains the environment and promotes the growth of fruits and plants. In terms of filtration, it has excellent gas permeability and water permeability, allowing water to flow through, and effectively intercepting soil particles, fine yarns, small stones, etc., in order to adhere to the stability of soil and water engineering. Adhere to the overall structure and function of the material so that the structure can be strengthened.

And high-quality anti-grass cloth will have higher strength, because it is made of plastic flat yarn, it can maintain sufficient strength and stretch in any dry and wet state. Corrosion resistance is also very good, because it requires long-lasting use in different pH soils.

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