The resistance of grass cloth to ultraviolet light


Green is a characteristic of geotechnical materials, especially grass-proof cloth, which is unanimously recognized as a building The construction materials of the project need to have their own characteristics to be able to adapt to the construction requirements, so that it can be applied more widely. This can be said to be the basic requirement for building materials, and the filament geotextile as a kind Building materials can be said to have such characteristics.

It not only can face the complicated environment of the construction environment, but also has the function of resisting ultraviolet rays, which makes it more advantageous in the field of application. Here we can Features do a simple analysis.

Generally speaking, through common sense, we all know that the damage of ultraviolet rays to objects is still relatively large. Any general items will be damaged after long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, and if it is In terms of building materials, it will seriously affect the construction of the building, so we need to find the ideal building materials.

And we know that the filament geotextile can resist UV rays, and it can maintain its stability under the action of ultraviolet rays, so it is not easy to damage, and this is for construction. It still has great advantages.

When we use such materials in construction, it can effectively resist the damage of ultraviolet rays, so that the construction maintains a long-term stability, which can greatly save our construction costs. Therefore, it is extremely advantageous for people's construction.

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