How to prevent leakage of membranes


Anti-seepage membranes are widely used in China, such as landfills Anti-seepage projects such as fields, river courses, reservoirs, tailings ponds, etc., small projects include ponds, fish ponds, fish ponds, shrimp ponds, etc. used by farmers for breeding. Many of them consulted, what should I do if the impermeable membrane leaks? The following anti-seepage film manufacturers will let you know:

The anti-seepage film is made of high-density polyethylene. The permeability coefficient of the anti-seepage film is less than or equal to 1.0*10-13. The leakage of the membrane is basically zero.

However, due to external factors that may cause damage to the impermeable membrane and leakage of the product, the welding personnel should take the following measures:

1. If the large-scale anti-seepage membrane is damaged, Immediately remove the damaged impermeable membrane, lay a new anti-seepage membrane, and use a welding machine for welding treatment to ensure the welding quality and prevent the leakage of the anti-seepage membrane.

2. If the anti-seepage film is damaged in a small area, the damaged area of the anti-seepage film should be measured first, and then the product with a damaged area of about 10% is cut on the new anti-seepage film roll, covering the damage. At the impermeable membrane, use a welding machine and a heat gun for welding.