Winter cloth manufacturers share why to ensure the thickness of the anti-grass cloth


Now the grass cloth can be used not only in greenhouses, Moreover, it can also be used in fruit trees. Its application industry is more and more, but in order to ensure that it is not damaged during use, the anti-grass cloth manufacturers must ensure their thickness when they are produced. The key point is Guaranteed thickness can also bring the following advantages. Let's take a look at the cold cloth manufacturers to share the thickness of the anti-grass cloth:

Benefit 1: The ability to resist damage, used in orchard planting At that time, there may be some branches, and the fruit will fall to the ground. If the thickness of the product is reached, the damage will be reduced a lot, and it can be reduced by 7%~14%.

Benefit 2: It can prevent the roots of plants from drilling out of the ground. If the grass cloth is very thin, the vitality of the weeds is very tenacious, and sooner or later it will be drilled out and continue to grow. If a certain thickness is reached, weeds cannot be used for photosynthesis, and they cannot continue to grow. This can greatly reduce the amount of pesticides used and reduce labor efficiency.

Benefit 3: Ensure sufficient water permeability and ventilation Sex, so that plants can breathe normally, there will be no yellow leaf phenomenon, and sufficient water can make plants grow fast

Users who have used grass cloth know that it has strong adaptability to deformation. , corrosion resistance, low temperature resistance, good frost resistance and many other advantages, in fact, these advantages are recommended on the basis of the thickness, only the thickness is achieved, its role can be played.