Agricultural mulch manufacturers share the cutting and repair of anti-grass cloth


Grass cloth is interlaced Weaved with black and green plastic flat yarns with anti-ultraviolet function, it can effectively block the weeds under the sunscreen, so that weeds can not carry out photosynthesis and hinder the growth of weeds. When buying a grass cloth, the size is not correct, but it will be cut. If it is used for a long time, it will be damaged. You must learn to fix it. Then, Agricultural mulch manufacturers share the defense. Cropping and repairing of grass cloth:

In use, when cutting is often required, the cutting of the grass cloth is very simple, and the grass cloth can be cut with ordinary scissors or a paper cutter.

When the grass cloth is damaged, you can usually use two methods to repair it.

1. Stitching, cutting a piece of defense For grass cloth or other fabrics, the fabric to be cut should be larger than the damage of the grass cloth. It should be larger than one third of the area of the hole. Use a thin wire to sew the patch around the hole.

2, the adhesive method, there is liquid glue applied to the grass cloth patch, the coating glue is kept even, and then the glue-coated patch is firmly glued to the damaged grass cloth hole. Strive to fully cover.

In the daily use, we strive to maintain the integrity of the anti-grass cloth, so as to play the 100% grass weeding performance of the anti-grass cloth, prolong the service life of the anti-grass cloth, and truly achieve less investment, long-term use.

In addition to weeds in the orchard, it is a very painful job for the farmers. It is too tired to start weeding, and the people are not too low. Using ecological grass-proof cloth can solve difficulties for farmers.