What are the characteristics of orchard masks


Dongguan Dengfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a non-woven agricultural non-woven fabric integrating R&D, production and sales. Production enterprises, the new agricultural woven materials have been put into use in agricultural science research institutes and research institutes across the country, and the products are highly recognized by farmers and experts. The main products of the brand “Dengfeng HuinongTM” include: agricultural ecological grass-proof cloth, fruit growth protection bag, rain-proof cultivation cloth, agricultural cold cloth, sun protection cloth, seedling bag and so on. What is shared with you is the characteristics of the orchard mask!

1. Promote fruit coloring: After the reflective film is applied, the light is reflected upward from the ground, so that the top and the shady surface of the drooping fruit can be exposed to light, which improves the light intensity of the lower and inner layers of the canopy, thereby promoting the fruit. Full coloring. It has been determined that the average coloring index of the whole plant of the coated tree is 50% to 70%, the uncoated tree is only 26% to 40%, and the average coloring index is increased by 25% to 30%. The coloring index of the inner and lower fruit of the canopy increased to 43.8% to 54.3%, and the fruit with full red fruit and colored area of 3/4 or more accounted for 35% to 69% of the total fruit. The sugar content and weight of the fruit were measured by hand-held sugar meter. The soluble matter of the fruit of the film tree was about 13%, which was 1%-3% higher than that of the control tree; the weight of single fruit increased by 5.7-6.7 grams.

2. Conducive to flower bud differentiation: the leaves of the mulched tree are thickened, the green is deepened, and the flower buds are full, laying a good foundation for the second year of increased yield.

3, the output efficiency is higher: If the cost of reflective film per acre orchard is 100 yuan per year, and 2000 kilograms of apples are produced, the input of 1 kilogram of fruit is 0.2 yuan. The kilogram is increased by 0.5 to 1.00 yuan, and the profit can be 600 to 1000 yuan/mu.