Garden plastic film manufacturers share three points to pay attention to laying grass cloth


Grass cloth is a must-have material for agricultural cultivation and cultivation because it is very good The grass-proofing and speeding up of economic crop growth factors are inside, but what do you know about the anti-grass cloth when laying it? Do you know? If you are not very familiar with the precautions when laying, then carefully look at the three points of attention of the garden plastic film manufacturers to share the anti-grass cloth!

1. When laying, lay it at the bottom of the plant as needed. You can also choose to lay it between the rows of plants. When laying, you need to set it according to the crops and your own needs. Laying freely or imitating other methods

2. Since the anti-grass cloth itself has strong water permeability and permeability, after laying, do not cut holes or hit the surface of the grass cloth. Hole, so as not to affect the future use effect

3, from the function of the grass control cloth, it is still relatively single because it is extremely permeable, so do not use insulation materials when laying Use, in order to avoid the phenomenon of icing in winter, once it freezes, it will affect the growth and development of crops

Since the protection of grass cloth, a lot of labor has been saved in the agricultural field, farmers friends to avoid miscellaneous Grass growth affects the development of crops, and it is necessary to remove the grass every day, but since the use of the grass cloth, we can inhibit the growth of weeds without removing the grass every day.