Dongguan reflective film manufacturer will let you know the three wrong ways to use the grass cloth


Dongguan reflective film manufacturers take you through the three wrong ways to use the grass cloth, it is well known that the grass cloth is in use. In the process, it mainly plays the role of preventing grass, insects, heat preservation, ventilation and water seepage.

Although the effect of the grass cloth is very large, it should be paid attention to the method when using it. It is indeed a good choice for outdoor crops, but if it is used wrongly, the effect is It will be counterproductive, the following points are the wrong use of grass cloth, we must pay attention.

Error one: Many users know that the anti-grass cloth has very good anti-grass effect, and the density is large, but some users use it to shade or use the shading net. In fact, this is Wrong and wrong

Error 2: The density of the anti-grass cloth is very large. After the laying, the user will cut some small holes in order to increase its permeability and water permeability, thinking that this effect will be more Better, this is wrong, its own water permeability is already very good, there is no need to cut holes at all.

Error three: After the grass cloth is finished, use the soil to press the side up. This is not right, the grass cloth has a special nail. If it is covered with dirt, it will pick up when it rains or winds.

If the user does not understand the method of use, buy it. At the time, you can ask the anti-grass manufacturers carefully to avoid the use of these errors.