Dongguan antifreeze film manufacturers share the harm of poor quality grass cloth


With the continuous development of the agricultural field, the amount of anti-grass cloth is getting bigger and bigger, making it some defense The grass cloth manufacturers add too much recycled materials during the production, which leads to the uneven quality of the products on the market, and the price of the products is also greatly reduced. Want to know more? Take a closer look: Dongguan antifreeze film manufacturers share the harm of inferior anti-grass cloth.

But because some users are greedy and cheap, they buy inferior anti-grass cloth. If this inferior product is used in an orchard or garden, not only will the service life be shortened, but also the plant will There is a phenomenon of withering and dying. If this inferior product is used in protective engineering, it will not only have no effect, but the protective engineering will also collapse.

Because it is exposed to sunlight during use, it will release harmful gases such as chlorine and ethylene, which will cause poisonous fruit trees in the orchard.

Everyone knows that the grass-proof cloth can ensure that the soil and water are not lost during use, and provide a production medium for the plant. Through the growth of the plant, the root system closely combines it with the slope soil to achieve protection. And the purpose of the green slope, it also has a strong ability to resist rain erosion when used, can make the planting soil loose, not easy to knot, so that plants can grow better.

But only by purchasing high-quality anti-grass cloth can it play its role. Inferior products will only waste manpower and material resources and cause plant death.