garden nails

garden nails

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  • Name: Gardening nail

    Product material: Advantage PP

    Color: green

    Product specifications: 16cm, 21cm


    1. Innovative design of the cap and the curved link of the nail rod, integrated molding, durable and quality guaranteed;

    2. Large cap design, more convenient and faster in the process of use, better fixed;

    3. Anti-aging, can fix the anti-grass mulch film, prevent it from being blown by the wind, economical and durable and practical;

    Dongguan Dengfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a non-woven agricultural non-woven fabric manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. At present, new agricultural woven materials have been put into use in agricultural academies and research institutes across the country, and the products are well received by farmers. Highly recognized by experts.

    The main products of the brand “Dengfeng Huinong ” include: agricultural ecological grass-proof cloth, fruit growth protection bag, rain-proof cultivation cloth, agricultural cold cloth, sun protection cloth, seedling bag and so on.

    gardening nail

    Dengfeng Huinong anti-grass cloth specifications:

    ● half-year degradation (vegetables), one-year degradation (medicines), three Annual degradation (fruit tree)

    ●Width: 0.8m/1m/1.2m/1.6m/2.4m and other widths can be customized


    ● Length: half a year 500m/year 400m/three years 300m per volume

    Tengfeng Huinong Grasscloth Scope:

    Vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, tea, medicinal plants and all other crops that require weeding.

    Dengfeng Huinong Anti-grass Advantage: 1. Anti-grass: Block weed photosynthesis, inhibit weed growth and reduce weeding labor. 2. Breathing: Improve soil aggregate structure, make soil more loose, soil microbial survival rate; prevent high temperature burning in summer; prevent near-surface fruit yin and yang. 3. Water-permeable: anti-grass cloth can be permeable, accept natural rainwater irrigation, prevent soil salinization, prevent stagnant water from building roots; long-lasting moisturizing, the same watering amount, moisturizing and aging effect is about 10 days longer than traditional plastic film. 4. Insulation: According to the particularity of the materials, different color anti-grass cloths can play the role of low-temperature climate effective insulation and high-temperature weather to alleviate the surface temperature according to different crops in different seasons. 5. Environmental protection: It can be degraded. After degradation, it does not change the pH value and heavy metal content of the soil, and reduces the recovery cost. Dengfeng Huinong anti-grass color and advantages: 1. Black grass cloth:
    Tengfeng Huinong anti-grass cloth Note:
    1. It is forbidden to use liquid such as strong acid and strong alkaline pesticide to splash on the anti-grass cloth to avoid corrosion damage.
    2. When covering, the color is facing up and the black side is facing down.
    3. Pay attention to the leveling when covering. It is recommended to use clay, stones or nails to fix the two sides to prevent the wind or other objects from shifting the ground cloth.